We provide our clients technology solutions in order to facilitate tasks that help to strengthen its value proposition.
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who we are

Ingenio Sólido is a proud colombian company, founded in Medellin in 2010 supported by The Technology-based business incubator of Antioquia (CREAME Corporation) through the program of the mayor office of Medellin Cultura E as one of the winners of the eighth business plan contest. Also It’s been supported in its process of consolidation by Ciudad E and Currently it’s being part of Parque E.


To contribute to the economic and technological development of companies through the development of methodologies and software and hardware solutions that enable functional and innovate automation and systematization of administrative, financial, commercial, and industrial research and experimental development.


To be recognized worldwide as a developer of methodologies, hardware and functional and innovative software for the automation and systematization of process.


We are focused on making easy the tasks within the company through Systematization and automation of administrative and industrial processes.

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Our customers are companies that rely on talent, experience and creative capacity of Ingenio Solido’s team.

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Circular 3# 66 B-06 Med-Col

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